Fall 2021 Meeting Time

Public Relations Subcommittee Meeting Time:   TDB   Contact Sebastian Bowen for info: bowencs1@appstate.edu
Project Management Subcommittee Meeting Time:   TDB   Contact Nick & Hermes for info: crownk@appstate.edu & floresha@appstate.edu
Data Management Subcommittee Meeting Time:   TBD   Contact Jacob & Caleb for info: swisherjt@appstate.edu & barbertc@appstate.edu

Non-members are welcomed to sit-in & observe all meetings.
We encourage you to come gain a sense of our initiative!

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Appalachian State University Renewable Energy Initiative

Daniel Johnson & Anisha Sharma, Co-Chairs 

johnsondb@appstate.edu & sharmaa2@appstate.edu

Cameron Blumhardt, Vice Chair

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