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Project Approval Checklist

Categories of Acceptable Projects (listed in order of priority)

1. Renewable Energy Technologies (providing appropriate energy generation in relation to location on campus)           
  -Installation of renewable energy systems.
  -Data collection and comparative analysis on all possible renewable energy technologies.
  -Monitoring for the purposes of forecasting and tracking energy consumption and use on campus.

2. Energy Efficiency Projects (to advocate for energy efficiency and pursue practices that produce significant energy reduction)
  -Projects must have aggressive ROI’s and/or substantial energy savings.
  -Energy efficiency projects, in total, should not exceed 20% of the uncommitted balance during any given academic year.
  -Data collection and comparative analysis on all possible energy efficiency projects.        

3. Campus Engagement                  
  -To serve as an educational resource for students and faculty to understand the implementation and management of energy technologies as well as to provide context to related issues.
  -To promote a comprehensive perspective on the role of renewable energy in the University community.