ASUREI Mission Statement

Reduce the environmental impact of Appalachian State University by implementing renewable energy technologies, investing in energy efficiency projects, and promoting campus engagement.

What is the ASU Renewable Energy Initiative?

The ASUREI is a committee of students, with faculty and staff advisors that are responsible for allocating money towards the implementation of renewable energy on campus.  The committee's annual operating budget comes from a self-imposed student fee of $5 per student per semester.  The student body, by 83% approval, voted in 2004 to tax themselves to pay for renewable energy projects on campus!!!  In 2007, the students voted again in favor at 92% approval!!!

The Epic Conception of the ASUREI

The original concept for the Renewable Energy Initiative came during February 2004 from Ernie Hodgson, a former President of ASU Sustainable Energy Society. His idea was based on a similar concept that was initiated at UNC Chapel Hill. With the help of other students interested in pursuing the initiative, he brought the idea before the Student Government Association which then approved the senate bill to present the referendum to the student body. Miriam Makhyoun and SGA Senator Justin Pittman aided Ernie Hodgson, Cole McVey and Jeff Lauckhart in writing the enabling act for the referendum.

The referendum asked if students would approve a $5 per student per semester increase in fees three year period, beginning with the 2005-2006 school year and ending at the close of the 2007-2008 school year. The Chancellor approved the students’ decision over the summer of 2004 at which point the referendum was passed on to the Board of Trustees and board of Governors, which both approved the fee increase. The first funds into the Renewable Energy Initiative were collected from student fees during the Fall 2005 semester.

For more information on the REI and other campus sustainability initiatives, please click here.

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